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Industrial automation networks inc.


Industrial Automation Networks Inc. provides field level network services that help our global clients seamlessly connect their field devices and controllers.

Digital communications is becoming more prevalent in the industrial environment but unfortunately the skills necessary to implement the technology have not kept pace with either its introduction or scale of acceptance. Industrial Automation Networks has been created to fill the gap in knowledge and expertise in this area for all phases of a project life cycle.

Industrial Automation Networks is built on the principle of service to our clients as your source for all your field level digital communication networks needs. The desired result being reliable communications between your field devices and your host I/O controllers.

A key element of improving the level of knowledge is sharing information from conversations through written technical reports, white papers, standards, training classes and books. As part of our services, Industrial Automation Networks also develops and delivers all these forms of communications.

As our tag line indicates, it is our intent to "Make Industrial Networks Easy" by increasing the overall level of knowledge about the underlying technology and by doing so making industrial communications systems reliable and of high value to you the End User.

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